VitriMiceTM is intended for vitrification of rodent embryos from zygote to blastocyst stages.. 

16042018 ZYGOTE A FVB St1bis x400 11042018 STADE 4 B6 St4 x400 18042018 STADE 8 A FVB St8bis x400 13042018 BLASTOCYSTES FVB BE x200
FVB/N Zygote (x400) FVB/N 4-Cell Stage (x400) FVB/N 8-Cell Stage (x400) FVB/N Blastocysts (x200)



A winning technology

Suitable for cryopreservation of embryos from zygote to blastocyst stages

Optimal survival & blastocyst development rates : up to 100%

Birth rates similar to non-cryopreserved embryos

Efficiency neither affected by mouse strain nor by transgenic status

A user friendly & rapid process

1-step-only for cooling and also for warming :

  • Better embryo recovery
  • Easy-to-use technology

Up to 20 embryos stored in liquid nitrogen in less than 1 minute :

  • Time-efficiency

A biologically safe technology

Defined Medium

Controlled & Reproducible Manufacturing : more convincing and comparable results

  • Time-consuming batch tests not necessary

Closed Vitrification System

  • Aseptic process
  • Long term storage
  • Storage of embryos from different health status in the same tank


VitriCell offers embryo vitrification kits based on its patented « one step » technology.

The proposed procedure allows vitrification of up to 20 embryos per straw (sample). Materials and solutions are manufactured for research use only and are not intended for human nor animal diagnostic or therapeutics uses unless otherwise stated.

Detailed protocol

Pack complet detailKit content

  • 5 tubes of vitrification solution (VS)
  • 15 protective straws with a separating ball
  • 35 occlusion balls
  • 15 coloured ballasted rods
  • 15 identification labels
  • 15 VitriVet™ carriers
  • 5 extractors

Not supplied material

  • Dewar can for liquid nitrogen (to keep on the bench and allow ultra-fast cooling)
  • Liquid nitrogen storage tanks

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