Advantages of VitriCell’s technology






What is Vitrification ?

  • In Cryobiology, the term « vitrification » applied to an aqueous liquid refers to solidification by infinite increase of its viscosity without any ice crystal formation. The vitrification process requires the joint use of cryoprotectants and of ultra-high speeds of temperature variation, at both the cooling and warming steps.
  • The principal advantage of vitrification over other cryopreservation techniques relies on the absence of any ice crystal formation, which is deleterious for the integrity of cell’s outer and internal lipid bilayers.
  • Vitrification is now the preferred cryopreservation method in human Medically Assisted Reproduction (oocytes and embryos), as a consequence of its efficiency and innocuity. Nevertheless, it has not yet been widely implemented to other fields of biology and cell therapy since existing protocols are not adapted to the processing of large numbers of cells and are consequently considered as complex and unsound to properly carry out for that purpose.

What are VitriCell’s solutions?

VitriCell’s founder’s and scientific advisors’s expertises encompass embryology, cell biology, medically assisted procreation and cryobiology. They have been able to improve and adapt the cell and embryo cryopreservation technology at different levels :

What are VitriCell’s main lines of research and development

VitriCell’s ambition is to make its offer and products evolve to an always better efficiency and to a wider range of applications. Here below after are listed some development axes, either in progress or planned :